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Review of Online Cigar, Pipe Tobacco and Accessories Stores

| Cigarette Stores | January 16, 2015


www.tobaccoplace.net – This site offers an unmatched shopping experience with a great selection of best cigars, humidors and accessories for the demanding cigar lover. This a smoke shop where you can always find cigar Cohiba and Cuban Monte Cristo cigar. Their interactive cigar sampler maker is a very user-friendly tool that will allow you to create unlimited cigar samplers, save them on your account for later, or even suggest them to a friend. Free shipping on all cigar samplers over $50, all orders over $200, and all orders that include one of their featured brands. Earn smoke rings with every purchase to redeem later for free products. One of the best things about this smoke shop is their five-star customer service with live chat available for immediate assistance.

buycigs.net – I highly recommend this site. BuyCigs.Net is a roll-your-own smoke shop with so much more. They have a big variety of flavored and rolling tobacco, and hundreds of beautiful accessories for any tobacco products such as cigarette cases, ashtrays, filter tips, lighters, rolling paper, grinders and even sampler packs. They also sell incense, tapestries, aroma oils, body jewelry, posters, stickers and great pipe tobacco products. And of course they have your favorite Drum Tobacco!

lowpricedcigs.com – If you are into more exotic stuff, check out this site. They are definetely one of the best smoke shops in their field. They offer “Best of the Best”, 100% legal Exotic Herbal Smoking Blends and Marijuana Alternative products.The best part is that their exotic and rare herbal smoke and herbal smoking blends are 100% natural herbs and contain no additives, tobacco, or Ephedra. Their products are simply powerful herbs or blends of herbs that are highly-effective.

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Esse Cigarettes

| Cigarette Encyclopedia | December 16, 2014


Manufacturer of brand Esse – Korean company KT & G. Thin cigarette Esse appeared in Russia in 2003, their sales doubled to 2006, despite the cessation of the advertising support of the brand. Exclusive distributor of goods KT & G – the company “Alokozay.” The tobacco market brand Esse represented by four updated versions:

Esse Lights

  • Tar – 4,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0,45 mg

Esse Field

  • Tar  – 2,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0.25 mg

Esse Menthol

  • Tar  – 6,0 mg
  • Nicotine – 0.5mg


  • Tar  – 6,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0,65 mg
Esse Cigarettes

Esse Cigarettes

Korean indicate the nicotine content of cheap tobacco companies up to two decimal places. The design of the pack – change of style: instead of flowers – colored smoke, holographic stamping foil, foil stamped inside the pack. These designer moves unoriginal, but we can not say that they are superfluous. The price of all new products of the brand Esse – $32.


  • Esse. Create your image.
  • All in your power.
  • Luxurious surroundings.

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Owners of Camel and Kent Trade Mark Can Unite

| Tobacco News | December 13, 2014


Reynolds American, manufacturer of Camel cigarettes, leads negotiation of purchasing his competitor Lorillard. Primary shareholder Reynolds – British American Tobacco (BAT) will approve the Transaction.

Negotiations match strategy, which aims to increase shareholder value. In the process also involved the British Imperial Group as a potential buyer of brands and other assets of Reynolds and Lorillard. More than just interest group Kool, Winston and Salem, experts say.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is the second largest tobacco company in the US. It owns brands Winston, Kool, Doral, Salem, Misty, Capri and two top-selling brand in the US market – Camel and Pall Mall. Lorillard manufactures cigarettes under the brand names Newport, Kent, True, Maverick, Old Gold, blu eCigs and SKYCIG.

Experts estimate the cost of the combined company at about 56 billion dollars and annual sales – to $ 13 billion. Reynolds and Lorillard can compete with the US market leader Altria Group. Its market share exceeds 50%, and the main brand Marlboro accounts for 44%.

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Parliament Cigarettes Sale Overview

| Tobacco News | December 7, 2014


Parliament cigarettes brand is owned by Altria, and is manufactured by Philip Morris Company. These cigarettes have an unique taste, that is characterized by a sharp and exquisite flavor Although the Parliament brand represents a small share of the total turnover of sales of cigarettes by Philipp Morris, which represents 1.7%, they are very popular among smokers in their 20s in the United States and Russia . Parliament, as the brand name can be seen as a phenomenon of the Russian market .

Sales of cigarettes in Russia is nearly 15 %, while sales in the U.S. market declined Parliament to 3.5% of the whole range of Philip Morris cigarettes. However, Parliament cigarettes took strong positions in countries like Japan, Argentina, Israel and Turkey. However on other European markets, Parliament cigarettes are little known.

In its history Philip Morris produced a special collection Parliament of Parliament cigarettes packs with George Bush and Marilyn Monroe.
Parliaments are sold in the USA with following varieties:

Blue Pack (Full Flavor) Kings – Box
White Pack (Lights) Kings – Soft and Box
White Pack (Lights) 100′s – Soft and Box
Silver Pack (Ultra Lights) Kings – Box

Green Pack (Menthol Full Flavor) Kings – Box
White Pack (Menthol Lights) Kings & 100′s – Box
Silver Pack (Menthol Ultra Lights) Kings – Box


Today online you may find these sorts of Parliament smokes:
Parliament Aqua Blue
Parliament Night Blue
Parliament Silver Blue
Parliament One
Parliament Reserve

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Cigarettes Like A Medicine: How Smoking Was Promoted Half A Century Ago

| Tobacco News | November 30, 2014

Promoting Smoking

The fight against smoking in the last decade has reached incredible scale: threatening inscriptions on packs, frightening illustration stricter every year bans. From enjoyable smoking habit gradually turned into harmful and cigarette advertising is now seen by many as something immoral. And it is hard to imagine that in the middle of the last century, this product was moving with such panache.

Brands such as Lucky Strike, Camel, Viceroy used in advertising not just images of ordinary consumers, and, importantly, doctors and athletes. Cigarettes were presented not only as a way to relax, get a charge of vivacity, but also as a tool capable of positively affect the condition of the body.

For example, the Camel brand has repeatedly said that cigarette smoking during and after meals may contribute to a better absorption of food. Here are some examples of advertising known brands of cigarettes half a century ago.
More Doctors Smoke Camels


Physicians Say Luckies

Viceroys Filter Smoke

Smoke Camel For Digestion

Smoke Camels

Spud Imperial

Reach Lucky Strike

Reach For A Lucky

Pall Mall Flavor

Pall Mall


Philip Morris








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JTI Launches Cigarettes With Less Smell

| Tobacco News | November 11, 2014

New Winston Design LSS

Design packs for Winston XStyle has been developed by the French agency Dragon Rouge

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has introduced a novelty from Winston – Winston XStyle. These are compact cigarettes with charcoal filter, mouthpiece of particularly refined taste. The secret – technology LSS, which helps to reduce odor intensity of tobacco smoke.

Running Winston XStyle was a continuation of the line XS. Getting her to put cigarettes Winston XS. “Today, the development of a premium line of XS, created specifically for open new trends and trends of today’s consumers and combines innovative technology, modern design and quality of the famous Winston, – one of the strategic directions of promotion Winston in Russia”, – said the director of the Winston brand Dmitry Isakov .

Winston XStyle pack has rounded edges of the front panel, embossed three-dimensional textures and special cutting of the inner frame with a picture of a silver eagle. The new product is available in two variants taste – Winston XStyle Blue (with a content of 6 mg of resin, 0.5 mg of nicotine per cigarette) and Winston XStyle Silver (with a content of 4 mg resin; 0.3 mg nicotine per cigarette). Deliveries of the new cigarettes in retail outlets Russia began with the first week of November 2011.

winston xstyle blue

winston xstyle pack

winston xstyle

new winston xstyle lss

winston xstyle ad

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