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In Alabama, 22.1% of the adult population (ages 18+), over 783,000 individuals, are current cigarette smokers. Across all states, the prevalence of cigarette smoking among adults ranges from 9.3% to 26.5%.

Price of 1 package of Marlboro cigarettes in Birmingham ...

The price of 1 package of Marlboro cigarettes in Birmingham, Alabama is $5.54. Change the currency to € (EUR), $ (USD), £ (GBP), AU$ (AUD), or. This average is based on 10 price points. It provides a decent estimate, but it is not yet reliable. Latest update: July 20, 2018.

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Alabama Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes for 2019

Alabama Cigarette Tax - $0.68 / pack. In Alabama, cigarettes are subject to a state excise tax of $0.68 per pack of 20. Cigarettes are also subject to Alabama sales tax of approximately $0.18 per pack, which adds up to a total tax per pack of $0.86.

Average Cost of a Pack of Cigarettes per US State for Alabama

Average in Alabama cost per pack: $5.36. Everyone has their reasons to consider quitting. These days with taxes increasing financial reasons are becoming more and more relevant. Check out how much it costs to smoke.

Alabama Tobacco Laws | Alabama Department of Public Health ...

Alabama Tobacco Laws. Alabama Act 2009-630 (SB311) - also known as the Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Standards and Firefighter Protection Act requires that no rolled tobacco product may be sold in Alabama unless it has been tested in accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials and met the standards set forth by...

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