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TOBACCO BLENDFor the production of its new range of cigarettes, Cigaronne exclusively selects freshly harvested, high quality tobacco imported from recognized African and Latin American plantations.

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This tobacco brand is an exception from all rules of cigarette production. A slight glance at Cigaronne cigarettes makes it obvious why this brand is so different and new. Imagine 64 mm of hard filter holder and 56 mm of smoking part.

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A newly-fledged Armenian tobacco corporation, SPS Cigaronne Co, presented to tobacco market an inconceivable masterpiece, which differs not only by its excellent tobacco, royal design, but also by size, 120 mm long, 64 mm of which constitutes filter holder and 56 mm comprises smoking part.

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Cigaronne cigarettes. Cigaronne Cigarettes is one of the newest cigarettes brands which belong to Cigaronne Co. this cigarette company made their cigarettes with love and respect using qualitative tobacco that gives unforgettable smell and taste. that has its business in almost 50 countries.

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SPS Cigaronne, founded in 1999 in Yerevan, Armenia, is a privately held company that engages in the production and sales of high-quality cigarettes. Cigaronne is a trademark of SPS Cigaronne and is protected under international patent law.

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Cigaronne – getting more and more popular brand of cigarettes, produced by SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd. The company was established in 1999. Cigaronne made a revolutionary step in the world tobacco industry creating premium kind of smoking product: unique hard filter holder cigarettes with Cigaronne brand name.

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Cigaronne cigs are famous and loved in over 35 countries of the world. Cigaronne Cigarettes keep rather light and mellow blend. High quality tobacco of 12 different blends differs this cigarette brand from the majority of others, which are manufactured from one or two kinds of tobacco, mostly Virginia blend.

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The Brand Cigaronne Luxury Cigarettes is probably the most exclusive cigarette brand on the market right now. Rarely to get, almost not available on the EU and US market. Each carton contains five single packs of original Cigaronne Black Royal Slims cigarettes with

Aromatic Blend Tobaccos

A secret aromatic blend of 3 different Vanilla tobaccos and 3 different cocoa and chocolate based Flavored Black Cavendish tobaccos. Brown's burns cleanly and has a very pleasant room aroma. This was my private aromatic blend until I started leaving it around for my friends and customers to try ... the rest is history. Brown's is now one of my best selling tobaccos.

Extra starts with a base of Brown's Special Blend with our own house blend of 3 additional Honey Cavendish tobaccos added for an *Extra* sweet smoking experience.

After 2 years in the making we are proud to offer what we and hundreds of other pipe smokers consider the finest vanilla flavoured tobacco on the market. We use an infusing process rather than a simple casing other use. The infusion of vanilla gives a flavor that lasts all the way to the bottom of the bowl and burns much cleaner as well.

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