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The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in North Dakota is $4.82, which is the 49th highest in the United States. North Dakota Chew Tobacco & Snuff Tax - 16¢ - 60¢ / Ounce In North Dakota, chew tobacco & snuff are subject to a state excise tax of 16¢ - 60¢ / ounce as well as federal excise taxes (listed below).

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North Dakota has a comprehensive smoke-free law that prohibits smoking in all indoor areas of workplaces, restaurants, and bars that has been in effect since 2012. North Dakota also prohibits use of electronic cigarettes in places where smoking is also prohibited.

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The primary excise taxes on tobacco in North Dakota are on cigarettes, though many states also have taxes on other tobacco products like cigars, snuff, or e-cigarettes.. The tax on cigarettes is 44 or 45 cents per pack of 20 cigarettes, cigar and pipe tobacco are taxed at 28% of the wholesale price, snuff tax of 60 cents per ounce and 16 cents per ounce of chewing tobacco

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Packages would include decorations, games, prizes, supplies, and samples of Dakota cigarettes. Detailed tactical plans and budgets were developed for several promotions related to the targeted women's inclination to patronize bars with rock and roll music. Participating bars and clubs would receive a video jukebox featuring the Dakota colors ...

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Annual tobacco industry marketing expenditures in North Dakota: $38.2 million; Source: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. Learn More Latest News. More than 2,000 in US diagnosed in vaping illness outbreak. 11/08/2019. Juul knew early on it was hooking teens. 11/05/2019.

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Apply for a License. A dealer or retail application must be accompanied by a fee of $15. A distributor, manufacturer or wholesaler application must be accompanied by a fee of $25 and a $1,000 surety bond. Application for New License to Sell Cigarettes, Cigarette Papers, Snuff, Cigars, or Tobacco in North Dakota (SFN 16687).

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North Dakota Tobacco Revenue State Excise Tax on Cigarettes: $0.44. State Excise Tax on Smokeless Tobacco: $0.60/oz. State Excise Tax on Little Cigars: 28% Wholesale Price. State Excise Tax on Large Cigars: 28% Wholesale Price. Sales Tax on Cigarette Sales: $0.21.

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North Dakota Tobacco Quitline The North Dakota Tobacco Quitline is offering a free 2-month supply of the nicotine patch, nicotine gum or nicotine lozenge to anyone who enrolls in Quitline counseling and is uninsured or does not have cessation medication coverage through their health plan.

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