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Review of Online Cigar, Pipe Tobacco and Accessories Stores

| Cigarette Stores | January 16, 2015


www.tobaccoplace.net – This site offers an unmatched shopping experience with a great selection of best cigars, humidors and accessories for the demanding cigar lover. This a smoke shop where you can always find cigar Cohiba and Cuban Monte Cristo cigar. Their interactive cigar sampler maker is a very user-friendly tool that will allow you to create unlimited cigar samplers, save them on your account for later, or even suggest them to a friend. Free shipping on all cigar samplers over $50, all orders over $200, and all orders that include one of their featured brands. Earn smoke rings with every purchase to redeem later for free products. One of the best things about this smoke shop is their five-star customer service with live chat available for immediate assistance.

buycigs.net – I highly recommend this site. BuyCigs.Net is a roll-your-own smoke shop with so much more. They have a big variety of flavored and rolling tobacco, and hundreds of beautiful accessories for any tobacco products such as cigarette cases, ashtrays, filter tips, lighters, rolling paper, grinders and even sampler packs. They also sell incense, tapestries, aroma oils, body jewelry, posters, stickers and great pipe tobacco products. And of course they have your favorite Drum Tobacco!

lowpricedcigs.com – If you are into more exotic stuff, check out this site. They are definetely one of the best smoke shops in their field. They offer “Best of the Best”, 100% legal Exotic Herbal Smoking Blends and Marijuana Alternative products.The best part is that their exotic and rare herbal smoke and herbal smoking blends are 100% natural herbs and contain no additives, tobacco, or Ephedra. Their products are simply powerful herbs or blends of herbs that are highly-effective.

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Manufacturers and Brand Information

| Cigarette Facts | January 12, 2015


Brand Information:

Read Federal Trade Commission’s 2000 Report on Tar, Nicotine, and Carbon Monoxide, Covering 1998 here.

Read Federal Trade Commision’s 2003 Report on Cigarette Sales, Advertising and Promotion here. The statistical tables appended to this report provide information on domestic sales and advertising and promotional activity for U.S. manufactured cigarettes for the years 1963 through 2000.

Other interesting information and reports about cigarette brands and manufacturers can be found on Federal Trade Commision’s web site.

Manufacturers Information: (if you want to get a discount on every carton of your favorite cigarettes, please visit this online company)

Consumer Help
Alliance Tobacco Corporation Durant and Palace (877)451-1613, email to: Sales Department Alliance Tobacco Corp., 232 Parkers Mill Road, Somerset, KY 42501
Alternative Cigarettes Glory, Herbal Gold, Lewiston, Magic, and Pure (800) 225-1838 Alternative Cigarettes, P.O. Box 678, Buffalo, NY 14207
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation American, Barclay, Belair, Capri, Carlton, GPC, Herbert Tareyton, Kool, Lucky Strike, Misty, Pall Mall, Prime, Private Stock, Raleigh, Raleigh Extra, Richland, Silva Thins, State Express, Summit, Tall, Tareyton, and Viceroy (800) 341-5211 Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, Consumer Information Center, P.O. Box 35090, Louisville, KY 40232
Bulgartabac Orient Express, BulgarTabac, Victory, Rodopi, MM, Tresor, and Inter. Tel. +359 (2) 987 52 11
Fax. +359 (2) 987 88 20
Telex: 23288
“Bulgartabac – Holding” PLC
62, Graf Ignatiev Str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Carolina Tobacco Company Roger No Information Carolina Tobacco Company, 5533 South West Dover Ct., Portland, OR 97225
Carolina Tobacco Co. LLC (no web site) Midland cartob@emirates.net.ae Carolina Tobacco Co. LLC, P.O.Box 55312, BurDubai, United Arab Emirates
CigTec Tobacco CT (804) 966-8375 CigTec Tobacco, 303 Roxbury Industrial Ctr, Charles City, VA 23030
Commonwealth Brands (no web site)  Crowns, Malibu, Montclair, Natural Blend, Riviera, Sonoma, and USA Gold (270)781-9100 Commonwealth Brands, 2200 Lapsley Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42103
Farmer’s Tobacco Kentucky’s Best (866) 327-6374 or e-mail at info@farmerstobacco.com Farmer’s Tobacco Co. of Cynthiana, Inc.
PO Box 98
Cynthiana, KY 41031
Forsyth Tobacco Products Austin, Bargain Buy, Beacon, Best Choice, Best Value, Bonus Value, Brentwood, Cavalier, Charter, Cimarron, Citation, Courier, Director’s Choice, Extra Value, First Choice, Focus, Gold Coast, Highway, Jacks, Legend, Marker, Monaco, Mustang, Pilot, Premier, Price Master, Quality Smokes, Scotch Buy, Sebring, Signature, Slim Price, Smoke 1, Smoker Friendly, Stockton, Sundance, Tempo, Tri Brand, Valu Time, Value & Quality, Value Pride, Value Sense, Worth No Information Forsyth Tobacco Products, Winston-Salem, NC 27102
Freedom Tobacco Legal Telephone: (212)334-6480; FAX: (212)334-6483; or e-mail at info@ftii.ws Freedom Tobacco, 295 Greenwich St., #198, New York, NY 10007
Imperial Tobacco du Maurier, Player’s, Matinee, Avanti, Cameo, Medallion, Peter Jackson, and Sweet Caporal Tel: (514) 932-6161, ext. 4918
Fax: (514) 932-3993
Imperial Tobacco Canada
3711 Saint-Antoine Street
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
H4C 3P6
Japan Tobacco International Cabin, Caster, Mild Seven, Seven Stars, and Wave (201)871-1210 Japan Tobacco International, 910 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Jash International (no web site) Double Diamond (877)509-3909 HTD Distributors, 2205 Pleasant Road, Dekalb, 60115
King Maker Marketing Checkers (201)843-0377 King Maker Marketing, 12 State Highway 17, Paramus, NJ 07652
Liggett Group Inc. Class ‘A’, Eve, Epic, Kinsport, Liggett, Meridian, Pyramid, Omni, Sincerely Yours, and Yours. (Chesterfield, L&M, and Lark were sold to Philip Morris.) consumer.relations@liggettgroup.com Consumer Relations Department, Liggett Group Inc., 100 Maple Lane, Mebane, North Carolina 27302
Lignum-2 Inc. Rave (800)544-6862 or customerservice@lignum2.com No Information
Lorillard Tobacco Company Kent, Maverick, Max, Newport, Old Gold, Satin, Triumph, and True (877) 703-0386 Customer Relations, Lorillard Tobacco Company, P.O. Box 21688, Greensboro, NC 27420
Native Trading Association (no web site) Native (888)328-3411 Native Trading Association, Box 191, Irving, NY 14081
Nat Sherman Black & Gold, Cigarettellos, Classics, Fantasia Lights, Havana Ovals, Hint of Clove, Hint of Mint, MCDs, Naturals, Phantom, Slims, Turkish Ovals, and Virginia Circles (800) 221-1690 Nat Sherman, 500 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10110
Omaha Nation Tobacco (no web site) Omaha (402)349-5200 Omaha Nation Tobacco, P.O.Box 368, Macy, NE 68039
Philip Morris U.S.A Alpine, Basic, Best Buy, Benson & Hedges, Bristol, Bucks, Cambridge, Chesterfield, Collector’s Choice, Commander, English Ovals, Lark, L&M, Marlboro, Merit, Parliament, Players, Saratoga, Superslims, and Virginia Slims Click on the website to find information about Marlboro cigarettes and Marlboro miles. Philip Morris U.S.A., Consumer Affairs, 120 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Premier Marketing 1st Class and Ultra Buy (800)272-8656 or write e-mail to Customer Relations Premier Marketing Inc., 160 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd., Chesterfield, Missouri 63005
Ridgeway Brands, Inc. (no web site) Ridgeway Send e-mail to Ridgeway Brands Ridgeway Brands, Inc., 1020 Export St., Suite B, Lexington, KY 80508
R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company Best Value, Camel, Century, Doral, Magna, Monarch, More, Now, Salem, Sterling, Vantage, and Winston (800)372-9300 or send a letter to Consumer Affairs R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company, Consumer Relations Department, P.O. Box 7, Winston-Salem, NC 27102.
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company American Spirit (800)332-5595 or write e-mail to feedback@sfntc.com Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, P.O. Box 25140, Santa Fe, NM 87504
S & M Brands Bailey’s (800)766-5342 S & M Brands, 3662 Ontario Road, Suite B, Keysville, VA 23947
Seneca Smoke Seneca (Note: There are two brands called Seneca.) (888)976-6537 or write an e-mail to info@senecasmoke.com Sovereign Seneca Nation, 6665 Rt 219 Killbuck, NY 14748
Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company Skydancer, Seneca (Note: There are two brands called Seneca.) (888)484-2525 Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company, 65490 E. 240 Road, Grove, OK 74344
Smokin Joes Exact, Lewiston, and Smokin Joes (888)996-2848 Smokin Joes, 2293 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, NY 14132
Sovereign Tobacco Company (no web site) Niagara (716)549-6290 Sovereign Tobacco Company, 1358 Cayuga Road, Irving, NY 14081
Sparrow Maker Natural Technologies Sparrow (800)600-5744 Sparrow Maker Natural Technologies, P.O. Box 960, Cobb, California 95426
Star Scientific, Inc. Gsmoke, Main Street, Sport, and Vegas (804) 530-0535 or write an e-mail to mail@starscientific.com Star Scientific, Inc., 801 Liberty Way, Chester, VA 23836
Tobacco Holdings BridgePort, Calon, Jim Porter (407) 767-9600 Tobacco Holdings, 114 Atlantic Annex, Maitland, FL 32751
Vector Tobacco, Inc. Omni, Quest (866) 639-OMNI 250 Crown Boulevard, Timberlake, NC 27583


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Tar and Nicotine Content Standards

| Cigarette Facts | January 8, 2015


As per the standard HS 22-95 of March, 17, 1995, the maximum allowed level of tars content in domestic cigarettes is higher yet than it is allowed by international standards. While in the rest of the world it is 15 mg/cigarette for tars and 1,3 mg/cigarette for nicotine, in domestic cigarettes, while nicotine maximum is the same, for tars it is 20 mg/cig. in filter cigarettes and 24 mg/cig. in cigarettes without filter.

May be, such a “leadership” is due to the fact that Russian smokers traditionally prefer strong cigarettes with a high tar content, “full flavour”. Among domestic brands, the most popular are cigarettes of 3 – 5 classes, rather low quality, such as “Prima”, “Pegas”, “Astra”, “Nasha Marka”. Nevertheless, domestic cigarettes of 1 – 2 classes, (“Kosmos”, “Petr I”, “Java Zolotaya”, “Soyuz Apollon” and others), many of which are produced in Russia at joint ventures with foreign funds, can compete in quality with imported cigarettes and have better sales because of their available prices. According to experts forecast, next 10 years the deal of imported cigarettes on Russian market would decrease from 1/3 to 1/5.

Concerning “light” (about 7-11 mg/cig. tars) and, more so, “superlight” (less than 7 mg/cig. tars) cigarettes that last years became popular in Europe and America, they haven’t won a wide market in Russia yet, but, as experts say, must be more popular in the nearest future.


Tar- and nicotine- contents in cigarettes sold in Russia
(according to JSC “Mosvneshinform” research)



Manufacturer and brand Tar content,
Nicotine content,
Marlboro 15 1,07
Marlboro menthol 15 1,06
Marlboro lights 11 0,8
Marlboro lights Menthol 10 0,7
Apollo Soyuz 15 0,9
Eve, 120 mm 7 0,6
Parliament, 100 mm 12 0,9
Philip Morris Superlights 4 0,4
Bond Street 15 1,0
L & M 15 1,1
Multifilter, 100 mm 10 0,8
Saratoga, 120 mm 14 1,1
Muratti ambassador 10 0,8
Chesterfield 14 1,0
Winston, 79 mm, hard pack 15,0 1,08
Winston lights, 84 mm 9,1 0,70
Camel filter, 79 mm, hard pack 15,0 1,10
Camel lights, 84 mm 9,2 0,72
More menthol, 120 mm 12,4 0,93
More, 120 mm 12 0,94
Doral menthol, 84 mm 12,3 0,91
Monte Carlo, 79 mm 15,0 1,09
Monte Carlo, 84 mm 15,0 1,09
Magna, 79 mm 14,9 1,06
Magna, 84 mm 15,0 1,11
Magna menthol, 79 mm 14,6 0,95
Lucky strike 15 1,0
Kent 12 0,9
Hollywood 14 1,1
State express 555 15 1,2
State express 555 lights 12 1,1
State express 555 int. 15 1,2
Viceroy 14 1,2
Pall Mall 13 1,0
Pall Mall 100’s 15 1,2
Kim lights 8,5 0,6
Kim superlights 4 0,4
Kim menthol 8,5 0,6
HB 13 0,9
HB 100’s 14 1,0
West King size filter 13 0,9
West lights King size filter 7 0,6
West 100, soft pack 14 1,0
Astor 100 14 1,0
Davidoff magnum 13 1,2
Davidoff lights 7 0,6
Davidoff classic 13 0,9
Davidoff slim lights 7 0,6
Davidoff slim classic 10 0,8
Reemtsma R6 KS 4 0,4
Reemtsma R1 KS 2 0,2
Reemtsma R1 Minima 1 0,1
R1 slim line 6 0,6
Ernte 23 KS 13 0,8
Astra (without filter) 24 1,3
Vechernije (filter) 19,5 1,3
Dymok (without filter) 21 1,0
Kosmos (filter) 20 1,0
Pegas (filter) 20 1,3
Poljot (without filter) 24 1,3
Prima (without filter) 24 1,1
Java (filter) 17 1,1



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Gercegovina Flor Cigarettes

| Cigarette Encyclopedia | December 19, 2014

Gercegovina Flor

The popularity of cigarettes “Gercegovina Flor” is connected with the name of Stalin: he filled his pipe with tobacco it. According to the price list, these cigarettes are referred to the first class, their length of 85 mm. Cigarettes of the same name released on Moscow tobacco factory “Java”. At the heart of Gercegovina Flor – tobacco, imported from the Balkans (from Herzegovina).

Before the “Java” began to produce “Gercegovina Flor”, the production of this brand belonged to Samuel Gabai, entrepreneur. In the 20s of the last century was marked by brand Mayakovsky (Any buy cigarettes give odds “Gercegovina Flor”). Later, Gercegovina Flor began to produce and other factories of the USSR.

Gercegovina Flor Papiroses

Gercegovina Flor Papiroses

  • Nicotine – 0.9 mg
  • Tar – 12 mg

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Esse Cigarettes

| Cigarette Encyclopedia | December 16, 2014


Manufacturer of brand Esse – Korean company KT & G. Thin cigarette Esse appeared in Russia in 2003, their sales doubled to 2006, despite the cessation of the advertising support of the brand. Exclusive distributor of goods KT & G – the company “Alokozay.” The tobacco market brand Esse represented by four updated versions:

Esse Lights

  • Tar – 4,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0,45 mg

Esse Field

  • Tar  – 2,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0.25 mg

Esse Menthol

  • Tar  – 6,0 mg
  • Nicotine – 0.5mg


  • Tar  – 6,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0,65 mg
Esse Cigarettes

Esse Cigarettes

Korean indicate the nicotine content of cheap tobacco companies up to two decimal places. The design of the pack – change of style: instead of flowers – colored smoke, holographic stamping foil, foil stamped inside the pack. These designer moves unoriginal, but we can not say that they are superfluous. The price of all new products of the brand Esse – $32.


  • Esse. Create your image.
  • All in your power.
  • Luxurious surroundings.

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Owners of Camel and Kent Trade Mark Can Unite

| Tobacco News | December 13, 2014


Reynolds American, manufacturer of Camel cigarettes, leads negotiation of purchasing his competitor Lorillard. Primary shareholder Reynolds – British American Tobacco (BAT) will approve the Transaction.

Negotiations match strategy, which aims to increase shareholder value. In the process also involved the British Imperial Group as a potential buyer of brands and other assets of Reynolds and Lorillard. More than just interest group Kool, Winston and Salem, experts say.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is the second largest tobacco company in the US. It owns brands Winston, Kool, Doral, Salem, Misty, Capri and two top-selling brand in the US market – Camel and Pall Mall. Lorillard manufactures cigarettes under the brand names Newport, Kent, True, Maverick, Old Gold, blu eCigs and SKYCIG.

Experts estimate the cost of the combined company at about 56 billion dollars and annual sales – to $ 13 billion. Reynolds and Lorillard can compete with the US market leader Altria Group. Its market share exceeds 50%, and the main brand Marlboro accounts for 44%.

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The Most Expensive Cigarettes

| Tobacco News | December 10, 2014


In the recent decades the most  expensive brand of cigarettes was considered «Treasurer». One of this luxury, beautifully designed cigarettes  costs 24 €. These cigarettes are sold only in specialty stores, in the largest cities of about 40 countries around the world, and they are manufactured in an amount of only 2,5 thousands monthly.

Another contender, though valuable not so much because of the content, but because of the packs were released by Lucky Strike in 2006. To this day, a pack of cigarettes from this brand holds a leading position as the most expensive.


Price of 100 thousand dollars is due not necessarily to the highest quality of cigarettes, but  to expensive materials from which the packet was made. Lucky Strike commissioned one pack of smokes to be produced that proudly boasts 18ct white gold package that displays one large diamond and one large ruby. Throughout some of the recent years the most expensive pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes exhibited at airports in Europe.

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Parliament Cigarettes Sale Overview

| Tobacco News | December 7, 2014


Parliament cigarettes brand is owned by Altria, and is manufactured by Philip Morris Company. These cigarettes have an unique taste, that is characterized by a sharp and exquisite flavor Although the Parliament brand represents a small share of the total turnover of sales of cigarettes by Philipp Morris, which represents 1.7%, they are very popular among smokers in their 20s in the United States and Russia . Parliament, as the brand name can be seen as a phenomenon of the Russian market .

Sales of cigarettes in Russia is nearly 15 %, while sales in the U.S. market declined Parliament to 3.5% of the whole range of Philip Morris cigarettes. However, Parliament cigarettes took strong positions in countries like Japan, Argentina, Israel and Turkey. However on other European markets, Parliament cigarettes are little known.

In its history Philip Morris produced a special collection Parliament of Parliament cigarettes packs with George Bush and Marilyn Monroe.
Parliaments are sold in the USA with following varieties:

Blue Pack (Full Flavor) Kings – Box
White Pack (Lights) Kings – Soft and Box
White Pack (Lights) 100′s – Soft and Box
Silver Pack (Ultra Lights) Kings – Box

Green Pack (Menthol Full Flavor) Kings – Box
White Pack (Menthol Lights) Kings & 100′s – Box
Silver Pack (Menthol Ultra Lights) Kings – Box


Today online you may find these sorts of Parliament smokes:
Parliament Aqua Blue
Parliament Night Blue
Parliament Silver Blue
Parliament One
Parliament Reserve

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Camel Exotic Blends

| Tobacco News | December 4, 2014


Camel Exotic Blends were first introduced in 1999-2000 through R.J. Reynolds’ direct mail magazine, CML: The Camel Quarterly. Originally, they were only available through special order from the magazine. But in late 2001, the Exotic Blends’ availability was expanded to fine tobacconists throughout the United States, and several new flavours were added to the line. Further limited-availability introductions to the line have been made periodically since then.

Here we have a list of top Camel Exotic Blends:


camel-samsun-blendCamel Samsun was one of the original flavours introduced in CML magazine. It features a delicate, fragrant leaf for a mellow, exotic smoke. Not actually flavoured, but a different blend of tobacco. Milder than Basma. Still available in CML magazine, but not in cartons.





camel-basma-blend Camel Basma was one of the original flavours introduced in CML magazine. The cigarette incorporates the fragrant Basma leaf, the most expensive of Turkish tobaccos, for a spicy, smooth smoke with a woodsy undertone. Fuller-bodied than Samsun. Still available in CML magazine, but not in cartons.





camel-cinzabar-blendCamel Cinnzabar was one of the original flavours introduced in CML magazine. Camel’s standard Turkish and Domestic blend, with a swirl of cinnamon. Now next-to-impossible to find.





camel-twistCamel Twist was one of the original flavours introduced in CML magazine. Camel’s regular Turkish and Domestic blend infused with a splash of citrus flavour. It became one of the five flavours to reach wide distribution, and is now available at fine tobacconists across the United States. Newer tins do not have the “Spice” subheading below the Camel logo.






camel-crema-blend-domestic camel-crema-blend-regular Camel Crema was one of the original flavours introduced in CML magazine. Camel’s regular Turkish and Domestic blend with a creamy hint of vanilla. It became one of the five flavours to reach wide distribution, and is now available at fine tobacconists across the United States. Newer tins do not have the “Spice” subheading below the Camel logo.




camel-izmir-stinger-blend Camel Izmir Stinger was one of the original flavours introduced in CML magazine. Camel’s regular Turkish and Domestic blend with a sweet, tart profile that goes nicely with any highball or shot. It became one of the five flavours to reach wide distribution, and is now available at fine tobacconists across the United States.





camel-rare-domestic-blendcamel-rare-regular-blend  Camel Rare was originally introduced in late 2000 in CML magazine. It is blended from the top 1% of Turkish and Domestic leaves from RJR’s stock in any given year, and hence is only released at the end of the year. Rare 2001′s release coincided with the wide release of the five Exotic Blends on the market today, and was accompanied by a menthol version. There was also a Rare release in 2002, but not in 2003. The next release is slated for November 2004.




camel-rare-menthol-blend Camel Rare Menthol is blended from the top 1% of Turkish and Domestic leaves available to RJR in any given year, with added menthol flavour. Rare Menthol’s release in late 2001 coincided with that of Rare 2001, Dark Mint, Mandarin Mint, and the wide release of the other Exotic Blends. There was also a Rare Menthol release in 2002, but not in 2003. The next release is slated for November 2004.




camel-dark-mint-blend Camel Dark Mint was, along with Mandarin Mint, one of the two flavours added to the Exotic Blends line when they were widely released in late 2001. Camel’s regular Turkish and Domestic blend with minty, chocolatey notes. Available at fine tobacconists across the United States.





camel-mandarin-mint-blend Camel Mandarin Mint was, along with Dark Mint, one of the two flavours added to the Exotic Blends line when they were widely released in late 2001. Camel’s regular Turkish and Domestic blend with minty, orangey notes. Available at fine tobacconists across the United States.




camel-mandalay-lime-logocamel-mandalay-lime-blend camel-mandalay-lime-box Camel Mandalay Lime was released in limited distribution in November 2002, along with Aegean Spice. As one would expect, the cigarettes pack a nice potent kick of lime. They were part of a three-tin sampler box which also included Dark Mint. No longer in wide distribution.




camel-aegean-spice-blend amel Aegean Spice was released in limited distribution in November 2002, along with Mandalay Lime. These unique cigarettes feature exotic fruits and spices actually blended in with the tobacco. They were part of a three-tin sampler box which also included Dark Mint. No longer in wide distribution.





camel-bayou-blast-blend Camel Bayou Blast has been released the past two years to coincide with the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans. It features Camel’s regular Turkish and Domestic blend with a blast of berry flavour. The cigarettes were available for a short time leading up to Mardi Gras (March 4, 2003 and February 24, 2004).





camel-beach-breezer-blend Camel Beach Breezer was, along with Margarita Mixer, released in Summer 2003 for a limited time, though evidently they were still available in stores by December 2003. I’ve heard them described as “like smoking a watermelon Jolly Rancher.”





camel-margarita-mixer-blend Camel Margarita Mixer was, along with Beach Breezer, released in Summer 2003 for a limited time, though evidently they were still available in stores by December 2003. They are somewhat similar to Mandalay Lime, but the liminess here is not as strong as it was in that earlier-released blend.





camel-midnight-madness-blend Camel Midnight Madness was released in December 2003 as a New Year’s promotion. The cigarette weds Camel’s Turkish and domestic blend with the flavour of New Year’s spirits – that is to say, Champagne. The blend was only available for a limited time leading up to December 31, 2003 and shortly thereafter.





camel-back-alley-blend The first new Exotic Blend of 2004 was released towards the end of May. As you can see from the package, RJR has evidently moved away from the Louisiana theme of Bayou Blast and is now into Kentucky – the new blend sports “a hint of Bourbon.” No word yet as to how long Camel Back Alley Blend will be available, though I would assume only through summer 2004.





camel-kauai-kolada-blend Camel Kauai Kolada is, along with Twista Lime, one of Camel’s Summer Blends 2004, here for a limited time. The package boasts of “Hawaiian Hints of Pineapple & Coconut” – sounds like just the ticket to go beautifully with your Pina Colada.





camel-twista-lime-blend Camel Warm Winter Toffee is, along with Winter Mocha Mint, one of Camel’s Winter Blends 2004, announced in November 2004 and released in December for a limited time. Reynolds calls it “A Swirl of Sweet Indulgence.” Mmm… toffee and tobacco? Sounds intriguing, to say the least.





camel-winter-mocha-mint-blend Camel Winter Mocha Mint is, along with Warm Winter Toffee, one of Camel’s Winter Blends 2004, announced in November 2004 and released in December for a limited time. It’s promoted as “A Chilly Blast of Peppermint & Mocha.” For menthol fans, sounds like an intriguing addition to Dark Mint on the Exotic Blends line.




As you know Camel smokes are also available in the following sorts:
















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Cigarettes Like A Medicine: How Smoking Was Promoted Half A Century Ago

| Tobacco News | November 30, 2014

Promoting Smoking

The fight against smoking in the last decade has reached incredible scale: threatening inscriptions on packs, frightening illustration stricter every year bans. From enjoyable smoking habit gradually turned into harmful and cigarette advertising is now seen by many as something immoral. And it is hard to imagine that in the middle of the last century, this product was moving with such panache.

Brands such as Lucky Strike, Camel, Viceroy used in advertising not just images of ordinary consumers, and, importantly, doctors and athletes. Cigarettes were presented not only as a way to relax, get a charge of vivacity, but also as a tool capable of positively affect the condition of the body.

For example, the Camel brand has repeatedly said that cigarette smoking during and after meals may contribute to a better absorption of food. Here are some examples of advertising known brands of cigarettes half a century ago.
More Doctors Smoke Camels


Physicians Say Luckies

Viceroys Filter Smoke

Smoke Camel For Digestion

Smoke Camels

Spud Imperial

Reach Lucky Strike

Reach For A Lucky

Pall Mall Flavor

Pall Mall


Philip Morris








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