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Gercegovina Flor Cigarettes

| Cigarette Encyclopedia | December 19, 2014

Gercegovina Flor

The popularity of cigarettes “Gercegovina Flor” is connected with the name of Stalin: he filled his pipe with tobacco it. According to the price list, these cigarettes are referred to the first class, their length of 85 mm. Cigarettes of the same name released on Moscow tobacco factory “Java”. At the heart of Gercegovina Flor – tobacco, imported from the Balkans (from Herzegovina).

Before the “Java” began to produce “Gercegovina Flor”, the production of this brand belonged to Samuel Gabai, entrepreneur. In the 20s of the last century was marked by brand Mayakovsky (Any buy cigarettes give odds “Gercegovina Flor”). Later, Gercegovina Flor began to produce and other factories of the USSR.

Gercegovina Flor Papiroses

Gercegovina Flor Papiroses

  • Nicotine – 0.9 mg
  • Tar – 12 mg

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Esse Cigarettes

| Cigarette Encyclopedia | December 16, 2014


Manufacturer of brand Esse – Korean company KT & G. Thin cigarette Esse appeared in Russia in 2003, their sales doubled to 2006, despite the cessation of the advertising support of the brand. Exclusive distributor of goods KT & G – the company “Alokozay.” The tobacco market brand Esse represented by four updated versions:

Esse Lights

  • Tar – 4,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0,45 mg

Esse Field

  • Tar  – 2,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0.25 mg

Esse Menthol

  • Tar  – 6,0 mg
  • Nicotine – 0.5mg


  • Tar  – 6,5 mg
  • Nicotine – 0,65 mg
Esse Cigarettes

Esse Cigarettes

Korean indicate the nicotine content of cheap tobacco companies up to two decimal places. The design of the pack – change of style: instead of flowers – colored smoke, holographic stamping foil, foil stamped inside the pack. These designer moves unoriginal, but we can not say that they are superfluous. The price of all new products of the brand Esse – $32.


  • Esse. Create your image.
  • All in your power.
  • Luxurious surroundings.

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